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Ten Four Organizing is a small business that helps you sort, de-clutter, redesign, 
and organize your home or office.  It references ‘10-4’ as in, ‘I understand’ or ‘okay’ or ‘I hear you’, because my clients’ goals, ideas, and emotions are my top priority.  As my clients and I transform their spaces into beautiful, efficient, organized areas, I often see their optimism grow, a sense of calmness come over them, and a feeling of empowerment encouraging them to keep moving forward on their organizing journey.  
Wherever you are on your organizing journey, I would love to be a part of it with you.

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Ten Four Organizing is a proud member of 
Professional Organizers in Canada

What to Expect

It's  as  Easy  as  1,  2,  3

Folding Clothes
Living Room


Feeling overwhelmed?  
Don't know where to start?  
Have a project in mind?  
Simply contact me through the link below and I will be in touch with you soon
to begin our adventure of 
transforming your space.


Once we have connected
and I understand your goals,
we will work together to
declutter, sort, contain, and transform
your space into an organized
area where you can
relax and enjoy it.


From our work together, you will feel empowered to maintain the organization of your space, while also being inspired to apply the strategies taught to organize other areas of your home or business and I will be there to
support you along the way.

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"I was very nervous before my appointment, but that quickly went away when I realized she wasn't overwhelmed at all and jumped right into our first task.  I was amazed how much got done in the short time"

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