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About Me

Katherine Greenwood

Trained Professional Organizer and Educator

It really is amazing to look back and see all the choices you had in front of you and decisions you had to make when life threw challenges your way:  Did you continue to feel lost or stuck or choose to take on life's challenges?  Were you able to embrace change and turn it into something positive that took you down a new road?  Were you able to accept and celebrate a new life path?  

Hi, I'm Katherine!  I never would have thought 10, 4, or even 2 years ago that all the choices I had in front of me and decisions I made along the way would lead me to become a stay-at-home parent, start my own business, and lead me to the Trained Organizer profession where I get to connect and collaborate with incredible people from all walks of life, share my passion for organizing, and see my clients change before my eyes as their space transforms into what they had always envisioned for it.  I am truly enjoying this new life path I am on.

Through my career as a teacher, opening and closing a dance studio, to a cancer diagnosis, to infertility, the adoption process, and starting my own business, I can say that being on top of things, being organized, feeling in control when a lot of things were out of my control, provided me hope, confidence, and reassurance that things would be okay.  As my clients and I transform their spaces into beautiful, efficient, organized areas, I often see their optimism grow, a sense of calmness come over them, and a feeling of empowerment encouraging them to keep moving forward.  Through organizing, I have not only felt a change in my space, but in myself, and that is my hope for my clients.

Ten Four Organizing references ‘10-4’ as in, ‘I understand’ or ‘okay’ or ‘I hear you’.  Wherever you are on your organizing journey, I would love to be a part of it with you.  

Sincerely,  Katherine

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