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A Day at the Beach

With 28+ degree days this week, the local beaches have been our daily destination lately. And making ourselves comfortable at the beach, especially with a 4 year old, is a priority. I have friends that always have exactly what they need to set up for a stress free day at the beach, with no need to head home, so after keeping a running list in my head of how they do it, I decided to create a list of a few of my favourite items to bring to the beach for a fun, relaxing, comfortable day:

  • Lawn chairs (this is my favourite new chair, it can fold out flat or recline, is low to the ground for stretching out your legs, great for the whole family, and you can never go wrong with a cup holder!)

  • Beach blanket (this one is great because it folds up easily and has a strap for carrying, plus zero sand comes home with you)

  • Laundry basket full of sand toys (the laundry basket compared to a cloth bag doesn't hold the sand or any dampness, plus is light weight and easy for children to tidy)

  • Sunscreen in a Ziploc bag (it seems no matter how hard I try, the sunscreen leaks, or the outside of the container is greasy, so at least this keeps it contained in the bag, plus I usually have a variety with me)

  • Towels (if you saw my recent Tis Tok, there is a great way to fold a towel so that each child has their own towel, with their own bathing suit, and other items inside. Check it out here:

  • Sunhats (I really like the Coolibar brand of sun hat for sun protection, plus their apparel is really nice and you can find it in Canadian stores):

  • Sunglasses

  • Flip flops, or any shoe that doesn't hold sand

  • Change of clothes

  • Snacks (a lot of snacks!)

  • Water bottles

  • Beach umbrella

  • A good book or magazine (I am not at this stage of beach life with my 4 year old, but I look forward to the day where reading at the beach can happen again, although I do bring books for her just for some quiet time in the shade)

  • Wagon (this is my latest purchase since my daughter no long needs a stroller. Easy to pull and holds everything, it is amazing!:

  • Wipes (for sticky hands, etc.)

  • Camera (hopefully a waterproof one)

As important as what I bring to the beach, is what I leave behind. This summer, I am trying to leave my phone in the beach bag with sound off, so that I can truly be present and enjoy this beautiful and often 'way too short' summer ahead of us.

Did I forget anything? Add your favourite beach items (and snacks) in the comments and enjoy your next day at the beach!

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