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In Case of Emergency

No matter where you live in Canada, unexpected, extreme weather seems to be the norm this summer. I live in an area that has had heat warnings, is under a fire ban, has air quality concerns due to forest fires, and it is only July 7th! In case of an emergency, you may only have seconds, to minutes, to an hour to make sure your family is safe and to gather what you need. Last year, my community was evacuated due to a local forest fire and from experience, I know that from the second I heard about the evacuation until I was on my way out of town I felt overwhelmed, rushed, panicked, and unprepared. Hence, this summer, finally getting around to making a list, gathering items for an emergency kit, and having things in order, just incase. The following are links from the Government of Canada website about making an emergency kit and just being prepared in general:

Get Prepared:

Emergency Kit:

I wanted to elaborate on a point from the Emergency Kit though, just to make it a little easier to decide what to bring regarding important family documents:

  • passports

  • birth certificates

  • wills

  • vaccination records

  • insurance documents

  • adoption certificates

  • anything you can think of that would be very difficult to replace or that might contain information you would need while evacuated

Once you have gathered these items, consider putting them in a folder, or fireproof safe, so that they are all in one spot and easy to grab when needed.

This is the safe I have and it is portable and just the right size to hold all those important documents:

I use these folders for all of my Cancer Folders and Medical Folders that I make. They have 13 dividers which always seems to be the right amount needed for almost any paper organization:

Having difficulty getting your important papers in order? Contact me anytime for assistance, as this is one of my specialties! Having paperwork organized, whether in an emergency or not, always feels good.

Take some time to get prepared and share in the comments any 'must haves' you have on your emergency list. Have a safe and fun summer!

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