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Setting Up a Home Office with Productivity and Comfort in Mind

Recently started working from home? Been working from home for a while? Here are some questions to ask yourself to create a personalized at-home office that is not only productive, but comfortable too.

· Do you have everything you need in close proximity to you? eg. printer, chargers, pens, paper, phone, snacks, etc.

· Are there items around you that are distracting or not needed and taking up valuable desk space?

· What is on the wall in front of you?

· What is behind you that your colleagues may see on online calls?

· Have you set up your desk ergonomically?

· Is your chair comfortable?

· Is there access to outlets?

· How is your desk oriented? eg. Will the sun be in your eyes?

· Do you have a garbage can or recycling bin nearby?

· Can you shut a door for privacy?

· Do you have a ‘To Do’ list for each day?

· Is the work space quiet?

· Do you want it accessible to your pets?

· Are you surrounded by some of your favourite photos, decor, quotes?

· Is there natural lighting?

· Are plants something you would enjoy in your space?

· Would you want a tea or coffee warmer?

· Do you need a water bottle?

· Do your house members know your schedule and parameters around interruptions etc.

· Is there a strong Wi-Fi connection in your work space?

· Is the area cool or warm? eg. Do you need an extra sweater in your office?

· Do you have scheduled work hours with breaks incorporated into it?

· Do you have a plan to encourage work/life balance?

Your at-home office should be a place where you feel calm, motivated, and prepared. If you’re, not feeling that way, connect with me and we will create an effective work space together.

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